Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Gsa saerch engine ranker only posting one web 2.0 article per account?

Hey i know there is a cool new feature and its working like magic for the social networks but for web 2.0 blogs it seems to want to make new accounts per each one? Has anyone else had trouble with web 2.0s posting just 1 article and then moving onto another account and making another... I might have messed up with the settings and gsa needs time to come back to those accounts does anyone know.. thanks in advance...

For those who haven't got a clue what im talking about... im talking about gsa search engine ranker for seo... Seo is my job and i have to submit links on websites to boost my buisness websites rankings on google and other search engines.. works really well and helps me make a little bit of money to survive ... lots of hard work though.